How to Make your LinkedIn Profile Attractive to Recruiters


Recruiters, Hiring Managers and C-Level Directors are constantly on a search for the right candidates to join their organisation in many ways. Job posting and talent scouting are two actions taken during the hiring process, and there are many platforms available in the online and offline space to post jobs and headhunt talents. 

In this article, we will be sharing about LinkedIn, one of social network sites that have key features to help the hiring process in bringing recruiters and candidates together (Edwards et. al., 2015), It aims to build professional connections between the recruiters and candidates by providing some features which will make the recruitments and candidates scouting effective and efficient. It’s often used by recruiters and hiring personnel to search for talents and to post jobs.

Data from Linkedin show that in 2019, 77% of Recruiters are on LinkedIn. This demonstrates the popularity among job recruiters and hiring managers. Furthermore,  there are many active users on Linkedin and several of them are users who are looking for jobs. According to, in 2019 Linkedin has over 610 million members. Out of this number, around 121 million visit the site daily.

When recruiters search for candidates on Linkedin, the more attractive the candidate’s profile is, the more likely the recruiter would approach him/her to send a connection request. Here are some ways to make your LinkedIn Profile attractive to recruiters according to Forbes:

  1. Always update and include your functional expertise in your headline. This is a good example: Human Resource Executive at 9cv9. Try not to be too generic (i.e “Manager at 9cv9” or “Executive at 9cv9”). Make it as sharp and clear as possible.
  2. Fill in your summary with your personal and expertise background. Include popular keywords for your areas of expertise, not just in your current position, but also in past positions and past accomplishments. It will be more searchable for recruiters and for them to find you.
  3. Do not just write position and which company did you or currently work, but also describe your work. Include your job achievements in the description and upload some pictures or videos to illustrate it better.
  4. Additional Sections are also important! Don’t skip this section. You can add your publications, skills, activity, and of course education (formal and non-formal). With skills, be specific as they are searchable as keywords, and recruiters often do search with these skill keywords that lead to them finding your profile on the list easily.
  5. Ask your friend, boss, co-workers, or anyone else to endorse you. There are two types of endorsements on LinkedIn, they can endorse you by adding specific skill to your profile or make a description about you. It makes your profile more credible.
  6. Do not forget your contact details, if you are an active job seekers, you might want recruiters to reach you easily. Putting your contact details will achieve that purpose.
  7. Stay update, stay active. Always update your experience, summary, and another additional sections in your LinkedIn profile and if you are an active job seeker, regularly checking your profile for notifications or messages is a must.

These seven points is not difficult, but need some awareness and effort to get started. If you’re feeling confused on where do you begin to find good jobs and internships, send us an email at We are a career and jobs platform for job seekers to find jobs easily in Asia.



Iiham is a HR intern at 9cv9 Indonesia. In his spare time, he likes a really nice cup of Indonesian coffee.

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